Stubblefield Cemetery


Protection of cemeteries—Penalties.
(1) Every person who in a cemetery unlawfully or without right willfully destroys, cuts, mutilates, effaces, or otherwise injures, tears down or removes, any tomb, plot, monument, memorial, or marker, or any gate, door, fence, wall, post, or railing, or any enclosure for the protection of a cemetery or any property in a cemetery is guilty of a class C felony.  RCW 68.60.40.

Protection of Historic Graves—Penalty:  Any person who knowingly removes, mutilates, defaces, injures, or destroys any historic grave shall be guilty of a class C felony.  RCW 68.60.50

The Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation has granted Walla Walla Historic Cemeteries a Certificate of Authority pursuant to RCW 68.60.030 for the Care and Maintenance of the Lyons Creek (Hendrix) Cemetery northeast of the corner of Mill Creek and Meiners roads, and for the Stubblefield (Saling) Cemetery northwest of the corner of Reser and Foster Roads.  Additional certificates of authority may be granted to Walla Walla Historic Cemeteries in the future. 

To visit any of the historic cemeteries managed by Walla Walla Historic Cemeteries, please call 971-599-3623, or email  For more information on historic cemeteries in the Walla Walla area, see the links in the right-hand column of this page which show the names of those buried there along with biographical information for some.

You are cordially invited to contribute additional information on these cemeteries and those buried there.

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