755 Myra Road, Walla Walla

Troops garrisoned at Fort Walla Walla served in several Indian wars, including conflicts with the Spokane, the Yakama, and the Nez Perce under Chief Joseph.  Casualties from those actions are buried in the official Fort Walla Walla Cemetery adjoining Fort Walla Walla Museum.

Among the burials at the cemetery, a large square monument is inscribed: "In Memory of Enlisted Men, 1st U.S. Cavalry. Killed in Action at Cottonwood Can(y)on, Idaho, July 3rd 1877.

Co E
Burke, Pvt. J.
Lampman, Serg't C.
Quinn, Pvt. P.
Roche, Pvt. W'm.
Ryan, Pvt. D.
Co L
Carroll, Pvt. D.

Dinteman, Pvt. G. H.
Meyer, Pvt. D.
Moody, Pvt. F.
Richter, Pvt. O. H.
Another larger square monument is inscribed: "In Memory of Enlisted Men, 1st U.S.Cav'y. Killed in Action near White Bird Can(y)on Idaho June 17, 1877."

Co F

Co H
Armstrong, Pvt. C.
Blain , Pvt. Joseph
Burch, Pvt. F. E.
Colbert, Pvt. J.C.
Connolly, Pvt. P.
Danch, Pvt. L.
Donne, Pvt. J. H.
Gunn, Serg't P.H.
Hurlbert, Pvt. W. L.
Jones, Trump'r John 
Lewis, Pvt. J. S.
Liston, Pvt. W'm
Martin, Pvt. J. M.
Mosforth, Pvt. J. R.
Quinlan, Pvt. David
Ryan, Serg't Thomas
Schullien, Pvt. P.
Shaw, Pvt. Andrew
Sullivan, Pvt. Cha's
Thompson, Corp'l J. L. 
Calvin, Saddler John
Crawford, Pvt. A.B.
Curran, Corp'l M.
Edwards, Pvt. V.
Kavanagh, Pvt. L.
Lee, Corp'l R.D.
Marshal, Trump'r F.A.
Morrissey, Pvt. J.E.
Murphy, Pvt. J.J.
Nielsen, Pvt. Olaf
Shea, Pvt. John
Simpson, Pvt. John
Werner, Pvt. Albert
 Next to this monument is a tall shaft with the inscription: "To the Memory of 33 Enlisted Men of Cos. H and F-1st U.S.Cavalry Killed in Battle with Hostile Indians at White Bird Creek Idaho June 17,1877.  Erected by Surviving Comrades."

In addition, the cemetery has the following individual graves: 

Anderson, A., U.S. Soldier
Anderson, P. U., Co. E 1st U.S. Cav
Avery, J. D., Co. A 1st U.S. Cav
Baker, E. M., Maj 2nd U.S. Cav
Baltz, Fred'k, Gen. Serv. Usa
Bender, Sgt. Jno., Co. M 1st U.S. Cav
Benham, Capt. Rob't., Asst. Surg.
Beschoff, Theo., U.S. Army Ret's
Booth, Sgt. W. S., Co. F 2nd U.S. Cav
Boudlett, J. C., Band 14th U.S. Cav
Bressler, Jno., Co. F 1st U.S. Cav
Bridges, Wm., Ord'n Sgt. U.S. Army
Burt, Sgt. W. E., Co. L 1st U.S. Cav
Charles, Mary A. (Child)
Clark, Jno., Vet Surg'n 1st U.S. Cav
Coleman, Wm., Co. C 14th U.S. Cav
Collins, Jno., Co. B 2nd U.S. Inf
Conners, Thos., Co. B 21st U.S. Inf
Corn, Thos. C., (Child)
Croose, F.V., Co. E 1st U.S. Cav
Davis, J.G., Co. I 1st U.S. Dragoons
Davis, Jno., Co. F 1st U.S. Dragoons
Devine, Jno., Co. B 9th U.S. Inf
Dorfedt, Sgt. Rudolph, Co. B 2nd U.S. Cav
Dorff, Francis, Co. A 1st U.S. Cav
Dorsh, Harry, (Child)
Dorsh, Leonard., Co. A 4th Cav
Draper, Wm., D. Mar 12, 1894 At Age 42
Draper, Wm., (Date Illegible)
Fashay, D.C., Co. E 1st Oregon Cav
Fisher, Sgt. Geo., Co. I 2nd U.S. Cav
Fitzpatrick, Jno., Co. F 2nd U.S. Cav
Garrison, J.R., Co. C 1st U.S. Dragoons
Garroutte, W.R., Co. A 1st Oregon Cav
Goff, Sgt. W.L., Co. I 2nd U.S. Cav
Going, S. G., Vet Surg'n 1st U.S. Cav
Graham, H. N., 30th Batt'y F Art
Gramblett, Sgt. W. W., Co. A 1st Wash Ty Inf
Grasz, Sergt. Hugh G., Co. C 14th U.S. Cav
Grimwade, Corp'. Jos., Co. F 2nd U.S. Cav
Gurney, Sgt. F.C., Co. C 4th U.S. Cav
Gurnsey, Sgt. Arthur, Co. F 1st Oregon Cav
Heathcote, Theo., Ord'n Sgt. U.S. Army
Heenan, J. C., Co. D 2nd U.S. Inf
Herold, Mich'l, Co. F 1st U.S. Cav
Higgins, Jos., Co. I 21st U.S. Inf
Holtzermann, H.J.M., Hosp. St'w'd U.S. A.
Hubbert, W. I., Co. F 1st U.S. Cav
Huntington, Sgt. Alex, Co. B 2nd U.S. Cav
Huotzinger, Eugene, Co. E 2nd U.S. Cav
James, G. W., Co. M 1st U.S. Cav
Jarrett, Serg't D. W., Co. A 14th U.S. Cav
Kelly, J. F., Co. B 2nd U.S. Cav
Kiley, Pat'k, Co. C 4th U.S. Cav
Killdoff, W. F., Co. B 14th U.S. Cav
Kirby, A. S.,Sgt., Co. I 2nd U.S. Cav
Lally, Pat'k, Co. E 9th U.S. Inf
Lambertine, Leo, Co. A 1st U.S. Cav
Landgraf, Oscar, Co. E 2nd U.S. Cav
Langton, W. E., Band 4th U.S. Cav
Linnhart, Jacob, Co. B 9th U.S. Cav
Lobe, Valentine, Co. E 1st U.S. Cav
Ludwig, Emil, Co. C 4th U.S. Cav
Madden, Pat'k, Co. C 2nd U.S. Inf
Maehler, Jos., Co. E 2nd U.S. Cav
Maloney, Sgt. Dan'l., Co. A 4th U.S. Cav
Mathias, Jno., Co. E 1st Oregon Cav
Mccann, Mary S.
Mcclune, David, Co. A 1st Wash Ty Inf
Mcdonald, Mich'l, Co. G 4th U.S. Cav
Mcgann, Edw'd (Child)
Mcgann, Edw'd F. (Child)
Mcgann, Edw'd, Post Q.M. Sergt. U.S. A.
Mcgann, Menia
Mcgee, Dan'l, Co. A 1st Oregon Cav
Mcgrath, Jno. (Infant)
Mead, Jno., Co. A 4th U.S. Cav
Meyer, Edith, (Child)
Meyer, Edith, B. 23 Sep 1902, D. 19 Apr 1908
Meyers, Wm., Co. F 1st U.S. Cav
Middleton, Geo., Co. H 9th U.S. Cav
Middleton, Jno., Co. E 1st Wash Ty Inf
Miller, E.L., Co. D 4th U.S. Cav
Minor, Geo., Co. F 1st Oregon Cav
Moritz, Josie, (Child)
Morris, Jno., (Child)
Mueller, Theo., Co. F 2nd U.S. Cav
Mullis, Susan,
Murray, Corp'l Thos., Co. B 2nd U.S. Cav
Murray, Geo., Co. D 4th U.S. Cav
Nass, Martin, Son Of J. And C. Nass, B. May 18, 1887, D. Aug 5, 1888
Neece, Wm., Co. B 1st Oregon Cav
O'brien, Jos., Co. F 2nd U.S. Cav
Pease, Sergt. Wm., Co. D 4th U.S. Cav
Peasner, Jane,
Peasner, Wm., Ord. Sgt. U.S. A.
Pike, Lieut. Jas., 1st U.S. Cav
Platta, Juan, Co. E 1st U.S. Cav
Quine, Jno., Co. B 9th U.S. Inf
Rains, Lieut. S. M., 1st U.S. Cav
Richard, Edw'd F., (Child)
Riley, James, Co. D 1st Oregon Inf
Roache, Rich'd, (Child)
Rowe, Serg. Chas., Co. B 14th U.S. Cav
Ryan, Sarah A.,
Sampson, J.J., Co. A 1st U.S. Cav
Sandmiere, Fred'k, Co. E 1st U.S. Cav
Schafer, J.F., Co. H 1st U.S. Cav
Schneider, Jno., Co. E 1st U.S. Cav
Schwartz, Jacob, Co. D 1st U.S. Cav
Seeger, Louis, Band, 2nd U.S. Inf
Shannon, Bartholomey, Co. B 2nd U.S. Cav
Shannon, Martin, Co. L 2nd U.S. Cav
Shaw, F.E., Co. F 1st U.S. Cav
Shay, James, Co. H 1st U.S. Cav
Sheldon, G.W., Co. D 4th U.S. Cav
Sledge, Anne, (Child)
Smith, Capt. H. M., 21st U.S. Inf
Smith, Geo., Co. E 1st U.S. Art
Sprague, Allen, Co. E 1st Wash Ty Inf
Stamm, J. M., Co. H 4th U.S. Cav
Stocke, Geo., Co. H 1st U.S. Cav
Sullivan, Mich'l, Co. G 4th U.S. Cav
Sunderman, August, Co. M 1st U.S. Cav
Tighe, Jno., Co. L 1st U.S. Cav
Tucker, Jno., Co. G 21st U.S. Inf
Walsh, James, Co. F 2nd U.S. Cav
Washington, Marcia G.,
Washington, P. L., (Child)
Wertz, Jos., Co. G 2nd U.S. Cav
Winters, Capt. W.H., 
1st U.S. Cav

There is also one stone inscribed, “Thirteen U.S. Soldiers” (no names).  Another stone simply says, “Six Unknown,” and five other individual stones are marked “Unknown.”  In addition, two are identified as an Indian prisoner and a Nez Perce Indian.