Village Way, west of Fairway Drive, signage

The first Catholic cemetery was established in Walla Walla near the corner of 6th and Alder in 1859.  Because of overcrowding there, a plot of land known as the McCool Cemetery was dedicated by Rev. Father Mans in 1867, and acquired from Robert McCool in 1869, measuring 450′ x 152’. After overcrowding there as well, in October 1891 ten acres of land were purchased for a new Catholic Cemetery adjoining the city’s current Mountain View municipal cemetery on South Second Avenue, and the Church requested that the families of those buried in the McCool Cemetery move all remains to the new cemetery.

On October 31, 1969, stating that all burials at McCool had been removed to the new cemetery, the Catholic Bishop of Spokane sold the McCool Cemetery ground to developers. Official records, however, show that fewer than half of the several hundred Catholic burials at McCool have been reinterred at Mountain View or other area cemeteries.

In the 1970s, during construction of the Pine Crest Village development including a new access street called Village Way, a portion of which was on the cemetery land, human remains were encountered in the street and on adjoining residential lots. From 2002-05, required investigations by professional archaeologists documented the presence of additional burials both inside and outside the boundaries of the originally deeded cemetery.  Under Washington law (Chapter 68.60 RCW, and Section 68.60.40), once five or more sets of human remains are discovered on a property even though not a deeded cemetery, all of the property within 10 feet of any burial is considered a dedicated cemetery and is legally protected from disturbance. As required, the boundaries of the originally deeded cemetery have therefore been expanded to incorporate the area where additional burials have been found, and all of the site is now protected by Washington’s Historic Cemeteries and Graves Act unless all remaining graves are removed pursuant to a court proceeding under RCW 68.24.090.

Partial church records show 159 persons buried at McCool during the period October 1869 to July 1872, and from January 1884 to October 1891 who are not listed as reinterred at the Mountain View Cemetery. Burial records from the years 1872-1883 were not available and are not included.  The whereabouts of the gravestones removed from the cemetery prior to its sale by the Catholic Diocese of Spokane is unknown.

A list of the 159 known burials shown to still be at McCool appears below and is included in a Walla Walla 2020 interpretive sign at the cemetery on Village Way, and also available on the Walla Walla 2020 website,  Also available there are excerpts from the archaeological investigations of the site in 2002 and 2004, and a printable Historic McCool Cemetery brochure.

Abbling, Donald D.
Adams, Infant
Addie, Edward P.
Alex, James
Allan, Jennie
Amund, Sam
0Andries, E. T.
Arents, Henry
Athison, M.
Atkins, Jack
Aunnium, A. P.
Autros, Infant
Bacon, Jose
Ball, Junis
Barnhart, D.
Barson, Infant
Barton, Robert
Batm, Infant
Baugart, Jacob
Beppey, F.
Berry, Edward
Bishop, M.
Bitters, Martha
Blake, Mrs. Laura
Blodgett, Infant
Bolon, Andrew
Boplis, Junios
Boster, C.
Bowman, Arthur
Bown, Lars
Boyd, Lee
Brewer, W. H.
Brinderhoff, Walter
Brown, Frank
Brown, George
Bryant, Ralph
Bryson, C.
Bugbe, Patrick
Burns, Wm.
Bugelen, C.
Burr, B. F.
Burten, Robert C.
Busveb, Wm. 
Butter, Infant
Buttinger, H.
Caelum, Archie M.
Cameron, P.
Carpenter, J.
Carrol, Chosten
Carson, Irwin
Carter, Minta
Casey, Infant
Cass, Antonio
Cecil, V.
Chambers, Wm.
Chapman, B.
Chase, Bert
Chism, E. L.
Chobar, Burr
Clay, Wm.
Clayton, M. E.
Clifford, Miller
Clint, Mrs.
Clo, Infant
Cogdol, Pete
Comm, Infant
Conrad, Infant
Cony, Margaret
Craber, G. E.
Creel, William
Crull, Frank
Cunningham, H. C.
Daily, David
Daley, William
Dart, Infant
Davis, F.
Davis, Infant son of A.
Davis, Jack E.
Davis, Len
Davis, Preston
Davis, W. E.
De Friese, Lucy
Delaney, Joseph
Delmire, Jacob
Demorest, Infant
Demorist, Charles
Denney, James
Derment, Gus
Dertich, Charles
Dixon, J. W.
Doggett, Jeff
Doke, Milo
Douglas, William
Drake, James
Duncan, Frank
Durose, William
Dyke, Wm. J.
Eaton, Elmer
Ellison, Infant
Englehardt, Carrie
Engstrom, H.
Erick, Wm.
Erickson, Infant
Espinoso, J.
Exelton, August
Famborough, Thomas
Fellers, Nancy Margaret
Fifer, Josep V.
Fincher, Infant
Fine, T. M.
Fitz, Infant
Fitzler, Carl
Flood, J.
Floyd, J. M.
Flry, Infant
Foltz, Infant
Foree, Thomas
Forrest, C. D.
Forrest, John
Foster, George
Foster, T. R.
Fowler, George
Fox, Huey
Frazier, John E.
Frier, R. W.
Fritzler, Infant
Fry, Frank
Gammel, Robert
Garder, James
Gilasme, Infant
Gilligan, Frank
Girst, Infant
Girtizer, J.
Goble, Isaac
Goble, John A.
Gordon, Jess
Gradwohl, Jack Infant
Gradwohl, K.
Grafner, W.
Grant, James
Grasely, J. D.
Gratoal, Jake
Gray, Eli
Grigsby, Fannie
Grun, Junios
Gryary, Infant
Gustavson, P. W.
Hall, Dan
Hammersmith, Infant
Hardum, Mary
Harling, J. G.
Harris, John Leroy
Harrison, W. H.
Hart, Infant
Hasbrook, Infant
Hauri, Infant
Haven, Ida B.
Henderson, J. F.
Hercist, Henry
Hersey, W. J.
Hickley, B.
High, Woo
Highey, Infant
Hill, Adam Infant
Hill, Lizzie
Hill, Phillip, infant
Hines, Veron E.
Hines, W. H.
Hipier, R.
Hirst, Walter
Hockbaum,  J.
Hodges, Alexander
Hoffman, A. J.
Hoffman, Sophia
Hood, Charles
Hoopman, Fritz
Hoos, Jacob
Hotstine, C.
Howard, John
Huey, Infant
Huff, James
Huis, Infant
Hum, Leo
Hunt, F.
Hunter, J. F.
Hutsmann,  Geo.
Huxall, J. H.
Isuatat, Eva E.
Itusa, Pearl
Jackson, Infant
Jackson, W. C.
Jake, Anna
Jasseur, Zak
Johnson, Infant
Jones, G. W.
Jones, Richard
Jong, Long, Chinaman
Jurseu, Infant
Kammersgill, Essa M.
Kelly, Michael
Kennith, John
Key, Lo
Kinsfather, Infant
Kinsfather, Lizzie
Kirkland, Charles E.
Kissler, E. K.
Kister, Jacob
Kohl, Infant
Kue, Yon Wing
Lai, Moni
Lang, Infant
Larin, A.
Larson, Sam
Lawton, C. B. (babe)
Lewis, Herbert J.
Libett, George
Liebert, Emil
Lietz, Infant
Liffler, G. W.
Lind, Arthur E.
Lindell, Andy
Ling, Joe Chinaman
Linker, H.
Linker, Infant
Linn, Albert Wesley
Litchenberg, Jacob
Livostown, W.
Lochrin, Infant
Logan, John
Long, James B.
Lovitt, E. S.
Low, Loy
Luirs, L.
Lunde, Hans
Mann, Wm.
Mapes, Samuel
Marley, Jack
Marsh, Stephen W.
Marsh, William
Martin, G. W.
Martin, Harry
Martina, Julius,
Marton, Thomas
Matson, Fred
McBray, Infant
McCary, infant
McGorm, Infant
McGowan, L. E.
McGriff, Archer
McGuinn, James
McKayne, W.
McLaughlin, Ed
McQuade, Infant
McQuary, Andy
McRee, Henry
Meachum, E.
Mellon, Andre
Memmons, T.
Meugnoit,Doris Grover
Merry, Infant
Miles, Edward
Milharne, Infant
Millan, D. M.
Miller, Frank
Mills, Jacob
Mitscher, Fritz
Mohr, Edith F.
Molguard, S.
Mollard, Paul
Moore, Infant
Moorhull, John
Morgan, C. H.
Morgan, Frank
Mundy, John B.
Munson, Charles
Myers, two children
Neal, Infant
Neal, William
Neauman, John
Nevine, Babe
Nickolas, Henry E.
Nikon, P.
Noyes, Louis
O’Brien, Thomas
Old, Junos
Olson, Ole
Orr, John R.
Ortell, Infant
Osborn, C.
Osualat, Mary
Otth, Jacob
Palmer, Philip
Papft, Joe
Parker, John Anderson
Parr, F.
Patrick, O. Z.
Patterson, Douglas
Pepper, James M.
Perry, Freeman
Perry, Infant
Peyser, Henry
Phenstom, John
Pieper, Infant
Pister, Infant
Prachey, Geo.
Preston, Infant
Price, William
Prisegereder, Dan
Quinlish, Samuel
Rehnstrom, John
Reihl, Infant
Richards, T.
Riggs, William
Riley, Art
Roach, James
Robinett, Martha J.
Ropherger, Infant
Ross, T. Infant
Rouz, H.
Rowe, Lars L.
Roye, Charles
Ryland, C. H.
Ryland, O. B.
Sanders, Joseph
Sandrock, John
Sanos, Infant
Schack, Emil
Schack, Infant
Schafer, Infant
Schaffer, Alexander
Scharman, Barney
Schiffner, Infant
Schoffer, Infant
Schoonover, Samuel C.
Schoppen, J. H.
Schreiner, Infant
Schultz, Ed
Schultz, Infant
Schurman, Infant
Scott, Infant
Seigfreid, Adolph F.
Sell, William
Set, Hoe
Shaffer, Geo.
Shaffer, Leopard
Shant, Infant
Shaver, Infant
Shead, C.
Shilrith, A.
Shrinkwiler, Infant
Sikerman, Infant
Sikerson, D. L.
Sing, Ding
Sitzman, Erm
Sitzman, H.
Smith, Anna
Smith, Claude
Smith, E. J.
Smith, Frank
Smith, Herman
Smith, Infant
Smith, Pearl
Smith, Ruth
Snider, E.
Snyder, Infant
Son, Lee Chinaman
Sperry, John
Srinkius, Infant
Stallard, Alfred John
Stapelton, Charles
Stapleton, John
Starks, Mary
Starns, N. H.
Stearns, Mary E.
Steinburg, W.
Stevens, Ira
Stevens, James
Stevens, Samuel
Stinner, M.
Stinnot, L.
Stoppard, Infant
Storey, P.
Streeter, J.
Stroud, William L.
Struck, Infant
Strumpf, H.P.
Struth, Geo.
Stuart, J. R.
Styers, H. A.
Suartz, John Infant
Sullivan, J. M.
Sunde, Hans
Sweeney, Infant
Taylor, C. W.
Taylor, Infant
Taylor, W. R.
Tennock, Frank
Terry, William H.
Tershman, Richard
Thompson, A.
Thomson, J. W.
Timman, Thomas
Tobin, Edward Martin
Tong, Mark, Chinaman
Toy, Sam
Tregay, Infant
Updike, Anna
Van Buren, J. L.
Van, Wong
Voelker, Conrad
Wagoner, A.
Walker, Otto
Walker, Robert Lee
Ward, H.
Ward, Tomas
Weasin, Infant
Weathermon, Infant
Weber, J. W.
Webster, M.
Wells, Hanna L.
Whering, Fred
Whicher, M. B.
Whitman, Floyd R.
Whitman, Martha
Williams, J. A.
Wills, Infant
Wilsey, Peter B.
Wilson,  Geo. M.
Wilson, Peter
Winn, Infant
Witz, A.
Woblitt, Infant
Woddy, Mary W.
Woodin, Hugh (Babe)
Wulffe, Chas.
Yentos, W. B.
Yong, Charlie
York, William
Zike, Infant