Near NW corner of Foster and Reser Roads, access from Foster between Reser & Russell Creek 

The Stubblefield Cemetery property was deeded by homesteader John Saling to the Saling Cemetery Association on January 1, 1870. The first known burial was in 1863, and the last known burial was in 1920.  In his 1902 will, prominent area farmer Joseph Stubblefield left a bequest to “the trustees of the Blue Mountain Cemetery,” as well as a provision for a Stubblefield gravestone there.  The Stubblefield monument is the largest and most prominent marker in the cemetery. 

Authority for care and protection of this historic cemetery has been granted by the Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation to the local nonprofit Walla Walla Historic Cemeteries, 

The cemetery sits back from the road and has a locked gate that can be opened for scheduled vehicle visits. Visitors can walk to the cemetery daily at any time from sunrise to sunset. Parking is available north of the cemetery gates on the east side of Foster Road.  Call 971-599-3623 for more information or vehicle access.  For more information on those buried in the cemetery, click on any highlighted link below.

While many graves and markers have been seriously disturbed, those known to have been buried here include the following persons: 

ARTHION, Bradley Carter, d. 1875 Apr 11, 47y 2m
ARTHION, Martha I., d. 1877 Jul 05, 11y 11m
ARTHION, Winfield, d. 1871 Oct 02, 18y 6m
BRINCKERHOFF, Mrs., d. 1878 Apr 03, 29y 25d
CATE, Amos F., d. 1878 Feb 08 3y 6m
CATE, Arthur B., d. 1878 Feb 13 10y 7m
CATE, John M., d. 1878 Feb 15, 5y 2m
CATE, Lew, d. 1876 Mar 10,1y 2m
CATE, Mary, d. 1878 Feb 19 1y 12d
CATE, Ralph W., d. 1878 Feb 07 2y 12d
ESSIE, Harry, d. 1896 May 03, Aged 28
FICKLIN, Edgar B., d. 1878 Aug 18 15y 7m 15d
FITZSIMMONS, Minnie, b. Sep 01, 1876, d. 1877 Dec 22
FRENCH, Mariah N., d. 1870 Mar 16 63y 10m 
GILES, James R, d. 1878, May 7, 4 y
GILES, Robert L., d. 1878 Apr 24 10y 9m
GWINN, Cincinnattus, b. Oct 25, 1876, d. Dec 26, 1877
GWINN, Rebecca, b. Dec 04, 1797, d. 1867 Aug 29
JONES, Marion O., b. Apr 25, 1849, d. 1865 Aug 28
JONES, Sarah Jane, b. Jun 17, 1819, d. 1889 Oct 26
JONES, Smith, b. 1815, d. 1900 May 08
MARCY, Nancy Ellen, d. 1874 Apr 10, 24y 5m
MCGUIRE, John Garrett, b. 1817 Aug 4, d. 1885 Aug 27
MCGUIRE, Mary J, b. 1825, June 30, d. 1893, Nov 7
MORGAN, Andrew, d. 1863 Oct 13 39y 2m
ROBERTSON, Lloyd, d. 1901 Feb 16, 4m
ROUNSAVILLE, Nancy, d. 1882 Feb 24, 75y 3m
SALING, Hattie M., d. 1876 Feb 03, 2y 4m
SALING, John, d. 1874, April 17
SCOTT, Byron A., b. Oct. 4, 1858, d. 1891 May 12
SMITH, Harley S., d. 1879 Sep 22, 2y 9m
SORENSON, Bror, b. Aug 14,1807, d. 1902 Aug 11
SORENSON, Kristy, b. Apr 04,1837, d. 1920 Jan 02
STEEN, Ulysses L, d. 1869, 5 y
STUBBLEFIELD, Francis M., b. May 07,1833, d. 1893 Aug 07
STUBBLEFIELD, John B., b. Feb 07,1886, d. 1887 Dec 11
STUBBLEFIELD, Joseph L., b. Sep 07,1823, d. 1902 Nov 16
STUBBLEFIELD, Thomas E., b. Oct 01,1892, d. 1892 Nov 20
STUBBLEFIELD, d. 1878 Nov 16, 3y 3m
WHITE, Ibbie,, b. 1800, d. unknown,
WITT, Miles Otterbein, d. 1875 May 06, 32y 8m
YENNEY, Melvina A. Gertrude, b. Sep 03, 1861, d. 1883 Aug 15
YENNEY, Philip, d. 1905, June 29