North of Mill Creek Road and east of Meiners Road

The Hendrix or Lyons Creek Cemetery land was donated by John and Lucinda Hendrix.  The Hendrixes homesteaded the surrounding land in 1871, and formally deeded the cemetery property to the Hendrix Cemetery Association in 1877.  The first burial there was in 1871, and the last known burial was in 1919.  Authority for care and protection of this historic cemetery has been granted by the Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation to the local nonprofit, Walla Walla Historic Cemeteries. Contact WWHC for more information or to arrange access. For more information on those buried in the cemetery, click on any highlighted link below.

The adjoining landowner has recently filed suit to limit public access to the cemetery, and temporary limitations are in place.  Click here for a brief on access issues.

Although a number of grave markers have been destroyed, those known to have been buried here include the following: 

Augustavo, John A, b. Dec 18, 1823, d.1884 Jan 31
Bryant, Angeline, d. 1871 Nov 25 37y ,1m
Calvert, Phebe, b. Jun 12, 1834, d. 1877, Jan 20
Cunningham, William H., d. 1896 Jun 06, 26y, 2m
Davidson, Susan, d. 1877 Jun 15, 36y, 5m.
Davies, W. W., b. Aug 09, 1833, d. 1906 Nov 25
Fields, Henry Wesley, d. 1879 Sep 02, 4y ,10m
Fields, Minnie Myrtle, d. 1879 Sep 02, 3y, 1m.
Hanshaw, Sarah J., B. Jul 22, 1846, d. 1899 Jan 05
Hendrix, David A, d. 1874 Nov 09, 18y, 3m
Hendrix, John Henry, d. 1877 Sep 03, 19y, 7m
Hendrix, Lucinda, d. 1880 May 24, 60y ,3m
Livingston, Isabella, b. Sep 17, 1818, d. 1895, 4-17.
Livingston, Richard J., b. 8-18-1828, d. 1892. 4-11
Miller, C.W., b. Jun 29, 1898, d. 1898 Aug 24
Miller, Sarah Maria, b. 1824, d. 1899
Miller, Soren S., b. 1817, d. 1897
Oylear, James Wm., b. Oct 17, 1859, d. 1880 Oct 21,
Rohn, J. J., b. Nov 22, 1835, d. 1919 Dec 13
Rohn, Sarah I., d. 1874 Aug 16, 1y, 10m
Smith, Anna L, b. Mar 16, 1912, d. 1912 Mar 16
Tell, Mary E., unknown
Vanskike, Amanda Jane Lyle, b. Oct 25, 1841, d. Apr 15 1917
Vanskike, Samuel, b. Jul 24, 1839, d. Sep 24, 1909
Webdell, Harrison, d. 1871 Nov 24, 29y, 8m