NE corner of Smith Road and Middle Waitsburg Road

The land for the Rosehill Cemetery was donated by Oliver C. Gallaher, who homesteaded the surrounding property in 1869.  Oliver and his wife Clara E. Gallaher deeded four acres at the northeast corner of Smith and Middle Waitsburg Road to the Rose Hill Cemetery Association in 1893, twenty-four years after the first burials at the cemetery in 1869.  The trustees of the Cemetery Association named in the deed were Samuel Kees, Milton Aldrich, and Samuel WilliamsThe last known burial there was in 1927. 

Authority for care and protection of this historic cemetery has been granted by the Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation to the local nonprofit, Walla Walla Historic Cemeteries. Contact WWHC for more information or to arrange access. For more information on those buried in the cemetery, click on any highlighted link below.

Although many wooden grave markers have been destroyed by fire, known burials at the cemetery include the following:

Abbott, Emmeline Oct 20, 1826, d. Feb 27, 1869
Abbott, Infant son, b. Jan 30, 1869, d. Jun 15, 1869,
Buff, Mary E., b. Aug 25, 1879, d. May 18, 1903
Buroker, David, d. Nov 17, 1902, 83y, llm
Buroker, Sarah, d. Sep 07, 1896, 69y, 8m
Buroker, William H., b. Feb 04, 1856, d. 1902
Cooper, Orval L., b. Jun 22, 1885, d. Jun 22, 1885
Courtnay, Clarance W., b. Dec 13, 1872, d. 1872
Courtnay, Emma K., b. Oct 25, 1864, d. 1882
Courtnay, Joseph A., b. Mar 03, 1862, d. 1882
Coyle, James, b. Oct 30, 1850, d. Feb 07, 1882
Crawford, Mary A., b. 1845, d. 1927
Dewitt, Simon, b. Aug 03, 1838, d. Jul 24, 1898
Ellis, Sarah J., b. Feb 10, 1805, Apr 08, 1873
Evans, Charles W., d. Sep 29, 1871, 24,y 8m
Evans, Edmond, d. Mar 07, 1873, 32,y 8m
Evans, Wesley, d. Feb 13, 1873, 1m 5d
Fuller, J. W., d. Feb 25, 1887, 43y 5m
Gallaher, Lydia C., b. Oct 02, 1815, d. Mar 03, 1895
Gallaher, Mary E. Maley, b. Jan 05, 1840, d. 1880
Gallaher, William C., b. Dec 22, 1803, d. 1877
Harbert, Emma T., b. Apr 07, 1851, d. Jan 05, 1878
Kennedy, Rhoda A., d. Oct 05, 1877, 27y, 10m
Kirk, Maria, b. Jun 11, 1822, d. Mar 02, 1885,
Sullivan, Melissa, d. May 28, 1882, 31y, 8m
Townsen, Levi, d. Aug 19,1877