The incorporators, founding directors, and officers of Walla Walla Historic Cemeteries are Sarah Davies, president, an historian and archaeologist at Whitman College and president of the local chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America; Stephen Wilen, vice-president and lead researcher for the Walla Walla 2020 Historic Properties and Plaques Project; Daniel N. Clark, secretary-treasurer and coordinator, a retired attorney and also coordinator of the Walla Walla 2020 Historic Sites and Markers Project, and Susan Monahan, director, an historic researcher at the Kirkman House Museum, and coordinator of the Living History Company at Fort Walla Walla Museum.  Additional directors are Ron Klicker, a local historian, antiques dealer, and member of a pioneer family, Mary Keith, a retired archaeologist with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Carolyn Aldrich Priest, an active volunteer and historian at Kirkman House and also member of a pioneer family.